It is about that time… that travel time…


It has been a long time coming! My partner, Victor and I, along with a group of friends, have been planning a trip to India for over a year now. The anticipation and excitement is setting in now more than ever. At first, Victor and I were only going to go to India. Our original itinerary was from Feb. 3rd to the 23rd. We decided a few months ago that we needed to take full advantage of this time and location and so we extended our trip. We have decided to stay in India for a few extra days. We are then traveling to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for an additional three weeks.

This has been a dream trip of mine and also his, for some time now. The food is what first turned me onto the SE Asian countries. As a lover of cooking, this is not just about indulgence of delicious food. It is also about gaining a better understanding of their flavors, spices, ingredients and techniques.

While food is very high on the list,  it is not the only thing I am looking forward to. Jewelry and Metalsmithing has deep roots in India and SE Asia, not to mention, is home to some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. I plan to bring home a limited amount of treasure to share with you all, so please stay tuned for that on my return home.

Of course… lets not forget… the architecture. This may be the one thing that will continuously blow me away every place we visit. The architectural history is strong and powerful in every country we are visiting.  I intend to harness some of that strength during this trip and look forward to bringing it home to share with you all.

We invite you to stay connected with us on our travels!

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