Join us in helping donate to the National Parks Foundation!

During these difficult times, a lot of us have taken to nature for release, for relief and for stimulation. Some of us go for walks, or hikes, but a ton of Americans have taken their travel to National Parks all over the country. Our parks have seen a rush of crowds, gathering together to enjoy and take in the beauty of our incredible American Landscapes. It has even become a place where families are traveling amidst online schooling, giving their children a hands on, nature inspired learning environment. Through all of this beauty, we must remember that these resources and these landscapes are not just an annual pass away, or a day pass permit, they are homes to millions of animals and ecosystems as well as critical waterways. While we pay for these parks with not only our entrance fee but our tax dollars, there is so much more that we can do to give back. Organizations all over our country work hard on a daily basis to insure we have these lands accessible for recreation and enjoyment. One of these organizations is the National Parks Foundation.

The National Parks Foundation is dedicated to providing resources to visitors which varies from nature and wildlife conservation to sustainability and innovation. We love how the National Parks Foundation highlights some of the women who were early trailblazers through our National Parks and also how they insure our children have a place to explore and learn about how they are the future in helping sustain our National Parks.

From the NPF.ORG website::  “As the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service, the National Park Foundation supports projects and programs across the system. Through our work, we protect our natural, cultural, and historical heritage and connect people to all that the parks have to offer.”

Join us for the month of September as we donate 5% of our profits in supporting the National Parks Foundation by purchasing available work as well as custom-made work.

Please reach out to us for any questions about how you can participate!