There’s No Place Like Home

               It is good to be home and back to work!

My partner and I just spent the last 6 weeks traveling India, Thailand and Vietnam. It was life changing to say the least. Not many people would want to come home or back to reality after a trip like that, but honestly, I did. I gained so much inspiration from every Town, City and Country we traveled. We saw something new everyday, turning our perspective of life in circle, reflecting and shattering old thoughts or expectations and starting anew just like that. The gift of perspective is what I gained the most during our 6 weeks away from this highly, almost too,  structured country.

The chaos and beauty I found in India is insurmountable and I finally understand why the Lotus Flower is the countries symbol. India is not an easy place to travel in from foot to car to train to bus to plane, India is not for the faint of heart. I found it is a place where some of the most badass and indestructible people live. The gifts I was given in India will last me a lifetime. From the beautiful friends that we now call family, the beautiful art I was able to gift to the people I love, the most baller gemstone store in a dark back alley I have ever been into, to the incredible animals that roam the land, free and wild and the intricate and intentional architecture that fills the scenery as your driving on a small highway between cities. India is magic.

Thailand and Vietnam were pure bliss. The people, the food, the atmosphere, the color, the hot sun, the misty mornings, the crisp blue oceans, the architecture, the cave system that run through central Vietnam, the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and Saigon, the limestone carst that cover Ha Long Bay. So many new things for us on this trip, and with the new, comes new beginnings.

So that is where I will leave off, on New Beginnings. I hope this year brings you all new and positive changes to your lives. We all need it and we must surrender and embrace it. There is a whole world out there. Go explore.