What Artist Are YOU Supporting?

The  LSE Studio wants to help you change the way you shop for the Holidays! 

It is a vital time to create and support our communities. The best way we can do that is by choosing to buy locally in our neighborhoods and cities or to support artisanal work that takes true intention and commitment to ones passion. We so often find ourselves looking for the best deal at our nearest big box store, but have you thought what buying from an artisan or local does for both you, them and the community? It helps to support families, children, small businesses and the overall local and artisanal economies and communities

LSE is doing a holiday campaign to encourage you to consider buying your gifts with thought and intention this year and help a small business and their family, rather than another corporation.

We invite you to join us!!

Share the image above with the Hashtag #supportartisans or #supportlocal and help us share the word and the love with our friends and family, because by buying local and artisan, you really are making a difference.